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The Bayside Way

We value our patients and community above all else. We provide high level care in a professional setting with a focus on comfort and value. We enjoy caring for people of all ages in a warm and inviting environment. We are known for our skill and knowledge but it’s our friendly and down-to-earth feel that makes all the difference.

How to maintain optimal oral health


Don’t rush when you brush!

Taking the proper time to brush your teeth is the first step to maintaining your overall oral health! Try brushing each quadrant of your mouth for no less than 30 seconds with a soft bristle brush.

Don’t Forget to Floss!

There is no substitute for flossing your teeth! Plaque, which is made up of bacteria, begins to form into a sticky film between your teeth and gums every 24 hours. It takes 72 hours for that plaque to harden into tartar. Plaque and tartar cause bad breath, break down enamel, inflame the gums, cause cavities, and can eventually contribute to bone loss. Flossing once per day can prevent this build up, which can prevent oral health disease as well as correlated disease and disorders throughout the body, such as, a weakened immune system, heart disease, dementia, and pre-term low birth weight. If you have a hard time remembering to floss, try flossing in the shower!

Make Regular Dental Appointments

Even with your best at-home efforts, regular cleanings and exams are important! Cleanings allow your Dental Hygienist to ensure that your gums are healthy and that the tartar you can’t reach is properly removed. Exams allow your Dentist to identify decay or disease before it progresses to the next stage. These measures can prevent major health issues and the expense that goes along with treating them. You should see your Dental Hygienist and Dentist at least twice per year.

5 star review

Going to my dental appointments are like a spa experience with friends. Always have had great care and superior work done. Fun happy people doing a good job for me, my family plus extended family and friends.”

Linda Donovan

5 star review

“Fast friendly and very professional staff, both dentists and hygienists. I also love the girls in administration for making the in/out process painless. Highly recommended!” 

Nick Constantineau

5 star review

I love seeing my hygienist Cassandra. Dr Dave feels like I’m visiting an old friend. They are so funny and friendly and make an awesome team. My Daughter loves to go see them as well! 
They genuinely are invested with the care & comfort of my family.”


Smile with confidence!