A Family Dental Experience





We Love Kids

Most of our dentists and hygientists have kids of their own. We understand parents have hesitations and/or anxiety about bringing their children to a dentist. At our practice, we take an “understanding” approach where no one is judged and we do absolutely everything we can to make kids AND parents feel comfortable. We aim to have every child smiling when they walk out from their dental experience at Bayside Dental!

Parent Tips
Dr Clifford

Welcome to Our Practice

A warm welcome to all our new and existing clients. I hope you all enjoy the new updates we’ve put into our clinic while the pandemic kept us at home. We are now back to work and we can’t wait to see you all soon! 

How to keep optimal oral health


Don’t rush when you brush!

A quality brush is better than a quick one. Taking the proper time to brush your teeth is the 1st step to taking great care of your pearly whites!

Visit your dentist once in 6 months

Regular check-ups are important for 2 reasons. The first is to get plaque build up removed and the second is to identify any problems happening before they get worse. This not only prevents major issues but also can reduce or eliminate expensive work done on your teeth. 

Don’t Forget to Floss!

Brushing more times per day does not make up not flossing your teeth. It’s a completely different asset to your oral health and is much more important than you realize. Floss your teeth daily and you won’t regret it!   

5 star review

Going to my dental appointments are like a spa experience with friends. Always have had great care and superior work done. Fun happy people doing a good job for me, my family plus extended family and friends.”

Linda Donovan

5 star review

“Fast friendly and very professional staff, both dentists and hygienists. I also love the girls in administration for making the in/out process painless. Highly recommended!” 

Nick Constantineau

5 star review

I love seeing my hygienist Cassandra. Dr Dave feels like I’m visiting an old friend. They are so funny and friendly and make an awesome team. My Daughter loves to go see them as well! 
They genuinely are invested with the care & comfort of my family.”


Don't hesitate - Smile with confidence!